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All your tours below are private and customized to your taste. The licensed guide will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back, or a meeting will be set up to save time. All the tours are for 3 hours. All these private walking tours include pick up & return hotel Paris by your guide. Tickets entrance are not included in prices. Tours can be adapted also to children or you can consult our children tours.

(TOUR: WT01)

2H private guided tour This walk will guide you through the labyrinth of galleries, showing you the museum's major works, some of the paintings evoked in the book including Mona Lisa and remind you of the main events of Dan Brown's exciting tale. The Louvre, Mona Lisa, the Virgin to the roch, the arago plate, the inversed pyramid. Tickets entrance & authorization not included.

WT01A 2H guide up to 4 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT01B 2H guide 5 to 15 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT02)

If you have read and enjoyed Dan Brown's gripping novel, then come and visit the main sights described in the book. Your guide will take you on a fascinating walk which will reveal some of the mysteries, introduce some of the historical background and the principal arguments surrounding the hunt for the Holy Grail.

WT02A 4H guide up to 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now
WT02B 4H guide over 8 persons 500 Euros Reserve Now

The Ritz- Hotel, la Grande Galerie du Musée du Louvre, where fictional curator Jacques Saunière was murdered, works of art such as the Mona Lisa and The Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci, the Death of the Virgin by Caravaggio, l’arc du Carousel, pont du Carousel, the frescoes by Eugène Delacroix, the ceiling, the astronomical gnomen, and the “brass Line” inside Saint-Sulpice Church, and the jardin des Tuileries.Tickets entrance & authorization not included.

Please note that we offer also in partnership with local agencies the Da Vinci code tours in London, Rome and Edinburgh.We can arrange your London tour from Paris as well. Please email us for more information.

INTRODUCTION TO PARIS (great tour for families with children)
(TOUR: WT03)

This is a great tour for the first time visitor...from your hotel , we will take you to the Eiffel tower for a guided visit. Boat from the tower to Notre dame and guided tour of the cathedral. Following the quays we will reach the old part of Paris, ile saint louis, cité...Boat ride not included. Tickets entrance to Eiffel tower not included.

WT03A 8H guide up to 8 persons 450 Euros Reserve Now
WT03B 8H guide over 8 persons 500 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT04)

Our guide will meet you at your hotel at 9am . The circuit will start with a stop at the Olympia conert hall, founded by OLIER( Moulin rouge 's owner), it was the first music hall of Paris , the name of Edith Piaf is still there . Then on to Pigalle square , famous in all the songs of Edith Piaf. From there we will discover the narrow streets of Pigalle , small area where she started her career. A quick subway stop to Belleville , the house where she was born and visit of the Pere lachaise cemetary where you will find her grave. The visit ends with a guided tour of the Edith Piaf museum, by appointment only.This museum retrace all her life and you will find some personal clothing and objects belonging to the singer. Subway not included . This tour can also be done in 4H with transport.

WT04A 8H guide up to 8 person 500 Euros Reserve Now
WT04B 8H guide over 8 persons 600 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT05)

Paris insolite! Guided visit of the left bank of Paris , and visit the famous catacombs, incredible place dedicated to the history of the Parisians. The ossuary covers an area of 11,000 sq. meter and contains around 6 millions skeletons!

WT05A 4H guide up to 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now
WT05B 4H guide over 8 persons 500 Euros Reserve Now

What most Parisians call "catacombs" is called in reality "the quarries of Paris". "Catacombs" represent indeed only an eight-hundredth of all the galleries under Paris. It is only ancient quarries in which bones of generations of Parisians have been stored in order to solve the problem of overpopulation in the cemeteries of the capital.

The underground quarries spread, with about 300 kms of galleries, under the 5th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 20th districts. The most extended network, located under the 5th, 6th and 14th districts, is about one hundred kilometers long.

(TOUR: WT06)

Our guide interpreter will accompany you from your hotel to the great antique flea markets of Paris. They are on saturdays, sundays and mondays every week. We recommend you go with someone who speaks French to be able to negociate the prices. If you are an art dealer, your interpreter can help you also for shipping informations and make some phone calls for you locally. Wonderful small restaurants are available locally, ( meal of your interpreter for full day service is at your charge please) Metro is at your charge.

WT06A 4H guide up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT06B 8H guide over 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT07)

We will meet the guide at the Eiffel tower for a VIP tour of the under the Tower, usually not open to public - You will then visit all the fabulous machines conceived by Mr. Eiffel , that activate the Tower up to our days. The private tour includes the backstage guided historical visit of the Eiffel tower for one hour and half and access ticket up to the second floor - 1H30 private guide, English speaking and access ticket to the tower up to the second floor included.

WT07A up to 10 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now
WT07B over 10 persons 40 Euros per person Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT08)

VIP private walking tour through the new renovated Opera of Paris. We will open the doors for you of that very exclusive monument- This private tour is a guided tour of the grand foyer, l'escalier de l'empereur , backstage the Opera, and all the main beautiful areas of the Opera garnier. Thematic tour at the research of the Ghost of the Opera. Tour can be also organized at special hours with advance booking, when the Opera is actually closed to public. Guide will meet you in front of the Opera.

WT08A 1H30 guide up to 15 persons 420 Euros Reserve Now
WT08B 1H30 guide over 15 persons 35 Euros per person Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT09)

You will meet your guide in front of the theater of your choice. These very exclusive tours will open you the backstage doors of the most famous theaters of Paris usually not accessible to public. Your will discover then the entrance of the actors, the beauty of the scene, the under scene built by for example Gustave Eiffel for the Opera Comique , access to the comedians rooms and dressing rooms. We can show you these 5 theaters ( your choice) in Paris privately : Opera Comique, Theatre Marigny, Theatre des variétés, Theatre de la porte saint martin, Comedie des Champs Elysées.

WT09A 1H30 guide up to 10 persons 300 Euros Reserve Now
WT09B 1H30 guide over 10 persons 30 Euros per person Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT10)

On this private 4 hour tour you will discover there a wonderful district, very particular & different to the other parts of Paris. Beautiful bourgeois houses, place des vosges, the medieval cloister des billetes, rue Francois Miron, maison 'pignon sur rue', rue St Paul, le mur de Philippe-Auguste, and beautiful hotels particuliers : Hotel de Sens, Place Des Vosges, Hotel de Sully, Carnavalet , PIcasso museum- Rue Turenne, Liberal Bruant & the Jewish quater of Paris.

WT10A guide for 4H up to 10 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT10B guide for 4H over 10 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT11)

On this private 4 hour medieval tour of Paris you will visit the famous Notre Dame de Paris chathedral, Hotel de Cluny, a medieval museum, Hotel de Sens, and the medieval section of the Louvre museum. A truly old world experience.

WT11A guide for 4H up to 10 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT11B guide for 4H over 10 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT12)

Norte Dame Archeological Crypt, Ile cité & Saint Michel District - The Roman and Student Area: During the Roman period, Paris, built on the left bank of the City, was the biggest city in North Europe. We will visit an old arena, the old roman baths and other ruins remaining from that period. You will also see the Sorbonne University and walk around the narrow winding streets of Mont Saint-Geneviève, named after the Patron Saint of Paris, who lived in the 5th century; then, have a break in the Luxembourg Gardens, where the 'Rive Gauche' intellectuals take their daily stroll. We can check out the nearby shopping area, browse through the book stalls on the river bank and visit two old medieval parish churches their graveyard and the oldest tree in Paris. You will see Notrre dame crypt, Arene de Lutece, Sorbonne, Mont St-Genevieve church, Jardin de Luxembourg, Odeon little streets, Musee de Cluny, Eglise St Severin and St Julien le pauvre.

WT12A guide for 4H up to 10 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT12B guide for 4H over 10 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT13)

All through the Middle Ages Paris was concentrated around the island of 'La Cité', closed every night with chains crossing the Seine river. Here the Notre-Dame cathedral was built, one of the early gothic monuments, in contrast to the Royal Chapel, which is tiny in comparison and more sophisticated in style. Then we can go across to the Saint Louis island, which was called 'Cow island' ('Ile des Vaches') before it was built up by bankers in the 17th century. For Parisians Ile Saint-Louis is a place to come for Berthillion's ice-cream with its 30 flavors.

WT13A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT13B guide for 4H over 10 persons 450 Euros Reserve Now

We can rest on the banks of the river or in the Notre Dame gardens. In the same complex as the Saint Chapelle, once the residence of the kings of France, now the Administration and the Court of Justice, you can see the magistrates and lawyers in their robes. We can continue our walk in many directions, maybe along the Seine to the Pont-Neuf , past the towers where Marie-Antoinette was imprisoned. This area is where 'The Hunchback' lived and it was used as the setting for the film "an American in Paris". You will see Notre-Dame, Ile St Louis, La Sainte Chapelle, the Cour of Justice, La Conciergerie, and Pont Neuf.

(TOUR: WT14)

From the gardens of the Louvre, in its classical French layout, you can see the major buildings and squares: the Concord square, built during the Louis XIV era, theEgyptian obelisk, the Louvre of course, the Musée d'Orsay, originally a railway station in the 19th century. In the gardens there is a labyrinth, copies of sculptures and kids can sail small boats on a pond, where a woman has been renting them out for the last 30 years.

WT14A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT14B guide for 4H over 10 persons 450 Euros Reserve Now

We can also visit the boutiques on the covered rue de Rivoli, where you can find the English bookstore W.H. Smith and have a super-de-luxe chocolate at the famous Café Madeleine. We can walk up to the Opera and the Place Vendome, where the Ritz hotel receives the famous and very rich and where one can find the most beautiful jewelry stores. Louvre -Jardin de Tuileries -Concorde -rue Rivoli- place Vendome- avenue de l'Opéra.

(TOUR: WT15)

Paris of the Empire Period: A perfect idea on rainy days and beautiful during Christmas season. A series of 3 covered passages, lined with quaint boutiques, one specialized in second hand art books. They were built at the end of the 19th century. Built before the invention of electricity these covered passages make use of glass roofs which gives it its special atmosphere. Passing the Stock Exchange market we can walk over to the gardens of Palais Royal, where there is a covered walk way along the sides. In the afternoon we can see mothers with their children or young lovers strolling in the French-style gardens. At the other end is the Comédie Française and its café. Then across the street is the Louvre and we can peep in from the streets into the Monumental French 17th sculpture wing and end our tour in front of the entrance of the Louvre. You will see Les passages Bourse, Jardin de Palais, and Royal Louvre.

WT15A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT15B guide for 4H over 8 persons 450 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT16)

The French central market had to be torn down and moved out of Paris in the sixties. It was then completely restored and is now a modern shopping complex center in the form of a white cascade and a garden and a merry go-round. Nearby is the George Pompidou Center, housing Modern Art. The old and the new are in constant contrast, as the Stravinsky water pond with mobiles created by Nicky de St Phalle and Tinguely on a background of the gothic church of Saint-Merry. We could either walk the chic Faubourg Saint-Honoré with the high fashion designers boutiques and/or walk the market street of rue Montorgeuil, with its cafés and foodstalls. You will see Faub. St Honoré, Les Halles, Fontaine de Stravinsky Beaubourg, Les Halles, St. Eustache, and rue Montorgeuil.

WT16A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT16B guide for 4H over 8 persons 450 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT17)

From west to east we can follow the flow of the Seine river and see its history; the Eiffel Tower, the Alexander III bridge with on either side the Invalides and the 'Grand' and 'Petit' Palaces, the Orsay museum and the Tuileries Gardens and then the Louvre, the Medieval Towers of the 'La Cité' island with the bookstalls on the leftbank and the busy Parisian life and then on into the calm again by the Botanical Gardens and the Arab World Institute. Still further on lies the latest architectural works of the Ministry of Finance and Mitterand's National Library. We can alternate walking with a drive on the city's boatbus, tourist boat or several city buses.

WT17A 4H walking tour up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT17B 4H walking tour over 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT18)

Montmartre, the 'mount of Martyrs', is named for the martyr's march of Saint Denis, in the early days of Christianity. At the end of the 19th century, in the crazy days, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin hung out in the cabarets, while Montmartre was a little village, with vegetable gardens and windmills (two are still there). You can still have a feel of the 'old Paris' here. On top of the hill the church of the Sacred Heart overlooks the whole of Paris. At the artist's square you can have your portrait done, sit at a café and eat a traditional crepe (pancake). You will visit Musée d'Art Primitif Sacré-Coeur Basilic, Painters square, the Old Vineyard, 2 little gardens, Moulin rue Lepic, Place du Bateau Lavoir, rue Des Abesses, rue Des Trois Frères ou Yvon-le-Tac.

WT18A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT18B guide for 4H over 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT19)

Guided visit of the most famous graves of this incredible place dedicated to memory: La Fontaine, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Molière, Balzac, Dumas. The cemetery itself is a peaceful harbour of nature in the centre of Paris.

WT19A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT19B guide for 4H over 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT20)

Famous as a shrine to Saint Denis, the first bishop of Paris, this former abbey found its destiny linked to that of French royalty at an early period. It became the designated burial place for French sovereigns, and each new dynasty perpetuated this tradition in order to confirm its legitimacy. Napoleon I even thought to make the church an imperial burial site. The oldest tomb known is that of the wife of King Clotaire I, Queen Arégonde, who died around 565-570. Dagobert was the first king to be buried there. However, it was only from the time of Hugues Capet that all French kings were systematically buried in the church, with a few exceptions: Philippe I, who died in 1108, Louis VII, who died in 1180, and Louis XI, who died in 1483. The remains of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were transferred there in 1816, after the fall of the First Empire.

WT20A guide for 4H up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now
WT20B guide for 4H over 8 persons 400 Euros Reserve Now

The queens of France and children of sovereigns were also buried in this cemetery, as were several notable royal officials like Bertrand Du Guesclin. Altogether, 42 kings, 32 queens, 63 princes and princesses and 10 powerful men of the realm were buried in the church. All the tombs were violated in 1793 by Revolutionary mobs. The basilica of Saint-Denis nevertheless honours their memory by its stone tombs. In keeping with the wish of Saint Louis, the transept and the choir house 70 tombs. This unique collection in Europe is an extraordinary example of the history of funerary art from sculpted 12th century recumbent figures to 16th century Renaissance tombs like those of Louis XII and Anne de Bretagne and of Henri II and Catherine de Médicis.

(TOUR: WT21)

The outlet shopping tour at le SENTIER district opens the door to the wholesalers of the Sentier, the textile district of Paris. Some specific stores do sell to individuals at wholesale prices, bags, clothing, accessories. Your interpreter will take you to the right addresses and bring you back to your hotel after shopping. This service is also available for professionals, assistance of your interpreter with connections in this district.

WT21A Interpreter (4h) up to 8 persons 200 Euros Reserve Now
WT21B Interpreter (8h) up to 8 persons 350 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT22)

The Canal Saint Martin Romantic Cruise with your guide & La villette discovery lasts a bit less than three hours. It begins with the Orsay Museum. Then you slide along the Tuileries Gardens to the Louvre Museum before arriving at Pont-Neuf and Notre-Dame. Then, the boat goes on east to La Bastille. You`ll then enter the mythic Saint-Martin Canal which leads you to the end of the cruise in front of the Cite des Sciences, at la Villette. Departure Time: 9.30 am from the Orsay Museum arriving at la Villette around noon. : 2.30 p.m. from la Villette (in front of la Géode) arriving at the Orsay Museum by 5PM, everyday.

WT22A 8H guide up to 8 persons 450 Euros Reserve Now
WT22B 3H cruise per person 16 Euros Reserve Now

(TOUR: WT23)

Pick up at your hotel from our licensed guide, we will have process in advance an authorization for a private tour inside the castle . RER fast subway is 20 minutes from Paris to Versailles. Guided tour of the castle and the gardens . Back to Paris after the tour by subway with our guide to your hotel . Price include the reservation at the castle for private tour. Tickets entrance to be paid at the guide directly, will be taken in advance. transport by Metro not included. (about 5 euros per person)

WT23A guide up to 6 persons (8h) 500 Euros Reserve Now
WT23B over 6 persons and up to 20 (8h) 600 Euros Reserve Now


INSOLITE MUSEUMS OF PARIS (private collectors houses)
Museum Jacquemart andré & Nissim de Camondo museum (tea at the museum included)

(TOUR: WT24)

Museum Nissim de Camondo : Visit of this museum for a keen insight into the decorative arts of the 18th century. The pre-World War I town house was donated to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs by Comte Moïse de Camondo in memory of his son, Nissim, a French aviator killed in combat during World War I. The museum is like the home of an aristocrat -- rich with needlepoint chairs, tapestries (many from Beauvais or Aubusson), antiques, paintings, bas-reliefs, silver, Chinese vases, crystal chandeliers, Sèvres porcelain, Savonnerie carpets, and even a Houdon bust. The Blue Salon, overlooking Parc Monceau, is most impressive. The kitchen of the original mansion has been reopened in its original format, capable of serving hundreds of dinner guests at one time, with few alterations from its original Belle Epoque origins. Fittings and many of the cooking vessels are in brass or copper, and the walls are tiled.

We will cross the Park Monceau to reach the beautiful Museum Jacquemart andré.

Museum Jacquemart andré

 This sumptuous residence, located in the plaine de Monceau, was constructed by Edouard André in 1875. Owner of the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, a famous artistic journal of the time, and director of the Central Union of the Decorative Arts, André was on of the most ardent collectors of 18th century objects, particularly paintings, sculptures and furniture. He married Nélie Jacquemart, a young, underrated painter, in 1881. She too had a passion for the collection of her husband and together they amassed many Italian Renaissance treasures. The residence itself was the ideal showcase for the stunning works. The couple left no heirs and bequeathed the collection and house to the Institut de France and therefore the French state itself, on the condition that it be turned into a public Museum for the pleasure of future lovers of classic art. Faithful to this request the museum has not changed since its opening in 1913. One can admire the stunning bathrooms of the era, as well as works by Botticelli, Ucello, and an immense fresco by Tiepolo in the dining room, open for lunch and afternoon tea.

The tour will end up with a tea included inside the beautiful Tiepolo room of the museumJacquemart andré.

guide + tea at museum
2 pax :  400 Euros
4 pax :  450 Euros
6 pax : 500 Euros
8 pax: 550 Euros
Tickets entrance not included.

WT24 4H private tour Reserve Now

Please email us if you would like more information on these tours.

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