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First a short story about this beautiful abbaye : For over 1,000 years, the talent and courage of men have worked together to create this masterpiece of Western Christendom.

In 708 the Archangel Michael appeared to Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, and commanded him to build a chapel on the top of Mont Tombe, a rocky island in the middle of an immense bay. Overawed by this apparition, Aubert obeyed and built a sanctuary to the glory of God and Archangel Michael.

In 966 the Benedictine Order became established at the monastery of Mont Saint Michel. The powerful Abbots of Mont Saint Michel undertook construction work that was more and more daring, reflecting the development of mediaeval architecture from Romanesque, through Gothic to flamboyant, and creating over the centuries a unique, marvellous masterpiece.

In order to protect the treasures of Mont Saint Michel, formidable ramparts were built between the 13th and 15th centuries, forming an impressive example of military architecture. Construction work on Mont Saint Michel continued until the end of the 19th century when the Abbey spire was completed, rising 183m above the sea.

Throughout its long history, Mont Saint Michel has had many roles. First a religious sanctuary with its monastic communities, it became a place of worship with its immense pilgrimages, a centre of intense academic activity with its production of manuscripts and illuminations, a symbol of national resistance with the glorious feats of arms of its knights and a formidable prison when the priests were ousted in the French Revolution of 1789, putting an end to the religious vocation of Mont Saint Michel.

In 1870 Mont Saint Michel ceased to be a prison. It became a historic monument which gradually became a tourist centre.

The religious vocation of Mont Saint Michel was re-established in 1965 with the arrival of monastic communities from Jerusalem perpetuating Mont Saint Michel's thousand-year old spiritual heritage.

In 1972 UNESCO classified Mont Saint-Michel as a "natural and cultural World Heritage Site". Mont Saint Michel is also called one of the "wonder of the Occident".

The highest tides in Europe at Mont-Saint-Michel: The Tides are caused by the action of the heavenly bobies, principally the sun and the moon. When they are in line with the earth (in syzygy) the attraction is multiplied, announcing spring tides, this corresponds with the period of highest tides ; on the contrary, if the sun and the moon form a right angle (in quadrature), the attraction is reduced and we are in neap tides, the period of lowest tidal movement.

These phenomena are accentuated in Mont-Saint-Michel bay, because with the rock being in the back of the bay, the sea doesn't reach the Mount during neap tides. On the other hand during spring tides, the sea reaches the Mount but only after 4 hours and 30 minutes after the start of the rising tide, about every fortnight. On this tide table, from a high water height of 13.60 metres, the two car parks at the foot of the Mount are covered, but whatever the height of the water, the sea wall is never submerged, so access is always possible, and car parking is available.

The highest tides take place 36 to 48 hours after the full and new moons. These indications are a rough guide only and can be affected to acertain extent by atmospheric conditions. The highest tides in continental Europe take place at Mont-Saint-Michel, up to 15 metres difference between low and hight water. During top of the spring tides, the sea goes out 15 kilometres from the coast and comes in again very quickly.

The Mont Saint Michel is only 2H by high speed train from Paris, and we are now offering this package from Paris for 2 days, one night , to give you the chance to discover this wonderful site with more time. We really feel that one day from Paris is too short, but we could also organize this if you wish.

Note, we could organize this package from Normandy instead of Paris, or also pick you up in the Loire Valley and drive you to the Mont Saint Michel is also possible. You have also the possibility to extend you stay to Brittany or Normandy for more days and then visit the Mont Saint Michel & the Landing beaches.

Wonderful 2 day "relax" package at the Mont Saint Michel from Paris:

Day 1: Paris to Mont Saint Michel

pick up at your hotel in Paris, early morning by a driver English speaking , chauffeured car. Transfer with assistance in English to TGV departure.

TGV 2H to Rennes

Arrive in Brittany and meet your private driver guide with transport at the train station directly.

Transfer to your hotel or directly to Mont Saint Michel for visit , walking tour and visit of the abbaye , ticket entrance included.

full day at the Mont Saint Michel, shopping, visit, or if you prefer we could take you also to Sai nt malo & Dinan during that day, the tour wll be flexible, based on 8 hours for the guide.

transfer to your hotel **** facing the mont Saint Michel , great view , the best of the bay! a Double rom with a panoramic view will be reserved for you, gastronomic dinner included ( no drinks) , or if you prefer to stay overnight at the Mont Saint Michel , hotel*** for the night with dinner is possible.

Day 2: Mont Saint Michel, back to Paris


time on your own in the morning (extension to Normandy is possible if you wish to go to visit the Landing beaches)

transfer included to train station in Rennes TGV , departure to Paris

TGV back to Paris (2h) and transfer upon arrival in Paris to your hotel

Quote for 2 persons including: 1,600 Euros - for 4 persons 2,100 Euros - for 6 persons 2,850 euros

private transfers R/T hotel Paris >train station with assistance in English

TGV 2nd. class R/T Paris to Rennes

full day private driver guide in Brittany (8h), English speaking and transport, gas, tolls, insurance, parking

ticket entrance to the abbaye of Mont Saint Michel

one night accomodation hotel 4 star facing the Mt. St. Michel or hotel*** inside the Mt. Saint Michel , double room , with dinner ( no drinks incl) & breakfast

transfer from hotel Mt. St. michel to train station in Rennes

Extension to Normandy or to Loire valley, for one day or a few days please email us for a quote

Exclusive Day private tour from Paris to Mont Saint Michel:

private transfers R/T hotel Paris >train station with assistance in English

TGV 2nd. class R/T Paris to Rennes

full day private driver guide in Brittany (8h), English speaking and transport, gas, tolls, insurance, parking

ticket entrance to the abbaye of Mont Saint Michel

For 2 persons: 1,290 Euros - for 4 persons : 1,540 Euros - for 6 persons : 2,420 Euros - For 8 persons : 2,670 Euros

Possibility of horseback riding tours at the Mont Saint Michel, please email us for quote.

Balloon flights also available at the mont Saint Michel

Our walking tours of the bay and ornithologic tours with a specialist:

Horse carriage tour of the bay

Discover the "Romantic tour" / Mont Saint Michel / Dinan / Dinard / Saint malo and the famous castle of Combourg where Chateaubriand spent his childhood.

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We also have balloon flights and helicopter tours of the Normandy region available.

Please email us if you would like more information.

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