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The only way to experience the true atmosphere of a Grand Prix is to be part of an exclusive club: The Ferrari Formula 1 Club. This is the only opportunity to realise an impossible dream - to spend a full weekend in close contact with the Scuderia Ferrari team during a Formula One Grand Prix.

Experience all the excitement and emotion from the elegant Yacht Club, or follow the race from the grandstand on Rascasse corner.

The Ferrari Formula One Club package includes:


2. Live connection with the Ferrari garages a few minutes before qualifying and the race.

3. Pit walkabout at fixed times

4. Visit to the Ferrari pits

5. Access to the Ferrari F1 Club

6. Open bar

7. Buffet lunch

8. A different gift every day

9. Meet the drivers in person by winning one of the prize draws.

PRICE FOR 2009 MONACO GRAND PRIX (Two day pass, Saturday & Sunday): EUR 9,500 per person

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