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Exclusive VIP and Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix experiences in Barcelona, Monaco, Singapore & Abu Dhabi.

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The ultimate VIP nightlife experience that follows the GRAND PRIX series around the world attended by F1 drivers, movies stars, musicians, models and more....

Barcelona amberlounge May 9th. / 10th.
Monaco amberlounge May 22nd. / 24th.
Singapore amberlounge September 26th./ 27th.
Abu Dhabi amberlounge October 31st. / Nov 1st.

The Amber Lounge opened at Monaco 2003 and instantly became the GP party venue of choice for F1 drivers, teams, world renowned models and celebrities. International DJ's, funky music, a stylish VIP bar, candle lit Moroccan terrace restaurant.

The Amber Lounge opens for 3 nights only during the race weekend and promises to be the place to be and be seen. If you're looking for a place to drink in style, relax in comfort or party the night away, Amber Lounge should be part of your program!

Enjoy chill-out music in the relaxed bar area and lie back on a vast sofa overlooking the sea as your personal waiter arrives with your favorite cocktail.

  • The event runs from 10.30pm until 5am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the GP weekend.
  • The upstairs VIP area at Amber Lounge can accommodate 600 guests.
  • All VIP guests are guaranteed immediate access to the venue without the need to queue.
  • A VIP pass entitles you to free drink at any of the four VIP bars within Amber Lounge. Two bars are located inside the venue with free seating around each area. The additional two bars are located on the seaside terrace where there is free seating in the Moroccan units and under the pagodas.
  • Drinks throughout the evening include... Veuve Cliquot Champagne, superior wines and a large choice of spirits are available (Absolute Vodka / Bombay Sapphire Gin / J&B Rare etc). A Cocktail bar is also located on the seaside terrace.
  • Dress code none.

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