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Discovery the techniques and secrets of great Parisian florists! Learn how to create your own bouquets, centerpieces with flowers, fruits, vegetables.

THE FRENCH FLOWER SCHOOL IN PARIS offers you different options of classes in a 5 star hotel Private salon, classes are given by professional florists- Each class is limited to 12 students, after class you take home your own creation, ideas and our secrets! Classes are available in French, English & Japanese. For other languages, we can add a translator for you in your language.

Discovery Class: 2H class, different every week, usually on tuesdays and thursdays. This class gives you the chance to discover bouquet making and floral creation in all its form. The themes and flowers used change according to seasons.

Cost 250 Euros / per person

Master class: 3H. different days of the week. Profusion of carefully selected flowers & plants. Very orginal combination of colors & flowers.

Cost 350 Euros / per person

Full Day Class: Once a month. Full range of basic techniques, & manipulations, and more classic arrangements like a classic round bouquet.

Four courses and a brunch included, to immerse yourself in a full day discovery of the floral creation. (Dec. 21st. 04 - Jan. 13th. 05 - Feb. 10th. - March 31st. - April 2nd. - June 30th. - July 6th. - August 23rd. - Sept. 22nd. - Oct. 11th. - Nov. 10th. - Dec. 13th.)

Cost 600 euros / day


at l'atelier du parfum in Paris

Would you like to discover the mysteries of perfume? Learn about the raw materials, know how to recognise them, to pick out a top note or a base note? If this pleasure tempts you, L'Atelier du Parfum will give you an introductory course on scent.

A morning course to satisfy your curiosity. With a full programme to find out about raw materials, creating perfumes and compositions through a bit of theory, lots of materials to smell, and fun for the nose. All to please you!

The Atelier du Parfum is an exclusive service from La Grande Boutique. Every introductory course on scent has 8 to 12 participants and runs from 09.30 to 12.30 in a special room at La Grande Boutique in Paris.

If you would like to share this special experience with friends, special deals can be organised on request in French or English.

Price: 150 per person. The price includes the morning's course, the gourmet break, a booklet summarising your course and many surprises besides!

We will send you a gift voucher on receipt of your payment. You can then choose the preferred date for your course and book the workshop directly with La Grande Boutique staff.

Dates of workshops:

NOV 04 DEC 04 JAN 05 FEB 05 MAR 05
Sat. 20th Sat. 11 Sat. 8th, 29th Thur. 2nd Thur. 3rd
Tue. 9th Thur. 2nd Thur. 20th Sat. 19th, 26th Sat. 12th, 26th
        Fri. 18th

Other dates coming soon.

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