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PRIVATE COOKING CLASSES IN PARIS: If you are in Paris for a few days, we can schedule you for a cooking class with a French Chef , to learn with fun , french cooking of any kind. ....Many courses offered, from great Chefs like the workshops of Alain Ducasse, to french country cooking in a chef workshop, from french pastries baking, is a great fun to do with your daughter for example! Classes also offered for children , with or without parents.....they will learn on how to make a pizza, chocolate mousse, or quiche. Two hour children cooking classes for children from 9 to 12 years old.

A Typical class goes like this:


Each student will have an apron and a dishcloth.
The recipes are ready: one starter, one main dish and one dessert.
Each student has their own menu and may write on it.
All ingredients for recipes are out and ready for weighing.
After a rapid check on how much students know about these ingredients the class begins, hands-on method.
We prepare three dishes in 2 hours.
We set rapidly the table, with an explanation of how to place the cutlery and the glasses. We then take our meal together; Each dish is properly presented, we drink a glass of wine with the meal, and a coffee is served.

Classes are with a minimum of 2 students to 10 per class. English & French speaking. Rates are different depending on classes type, please email us.

DIETETIC COOKING CLASSES IN PARIS: Frédérique Lauwerier's Diet Café teaches students how to prepare light, healthy French specialties. A registered nutritionist and a trained chef, Ms. Lauwerier's dishes usually have a Provençal accent. A sample spring menu might be asparagus with truffle sauce, veal with fennel and Earl Grey sorbet.

Frederique's approach is all about staying Zen. She explains most of what you need to know about her theory while sauteing some onions, "To cook, you only need olive oil or peanut oil." Butter, it seems, doesn't get any shelf space in her fridge.

A dietician and pharmacist by training, Frederique has the aura of a person whose real age would surprise you. She's far from fat, and just as importantly, far from too thin and has a healthy glow not seen on most Parisian faces. Whatever her age, she comes across as very comfortable with herself and very good with people. The food made at Diet Cafe tastes healthy without leaving the feeling that you're missing out or that you'll be hungry at the end of the meal.

Frederique guides her students through a vanilla-scented sea bass tartare surrounded by finely diced beets in hazelnut oil. Whether it's with this or a pumpkin soup with sauteed scallops, the beauty of the preparation, the freshness of the ingredients and the flavours they create when combined make you think of a haute cuisine restaurant much sooner than a health-oriented cooking course. Occasionally, a "diet" tinge does come through, as in a fructose-sweetened tarragon-scented ice cream served with sauteed, honeyed pineapple, yet in a similar jasmine tea-scented version with pears, it tastes just fine.

"I come to Frederique's courses because I feel less guilty about what I eat, but it also gives me more confidence when I go to the market," explains Parisian FC. "I'm less afraid when I shop at the market and more inspired to try new things".

GASTRONOMIC COOKING CLASSES: with Alain Ducasse / the prefect day!

9am - You will meet in Paris and be transferred to the Alain Ducasse Laboratoy in Argenteuil

9:30am - Visit of the wonderful & ultra modern kitchens

10am - Time for you to try your kitchen clothing , apron & hat / and time to start with the Menu

Velouté de petits pois et sa Bruschetta de légumes primeurs

Risotto aux trois asperges cuites et crues

Bar de ligne aux petites girolles

Côte de veau rôtie à l’ancienne, jeunes carottes de sable, oignons doux et câpres mijotés ensemble.

lunch break with your chef, selection of wines made by the sommelier

afternoon, you will learn some cooking techniques used by Mr. Ducasse.

6PM - Your day will be finish at the workshop and you will be offered a glass of Champagne

Transfer back to Paris


LECTURES: Table setting today, china, Glassware and Flatware interpreting French Style, Presentation of a contemporary table

SLIDE LECTURE: Evolution of French Gastronomy - Table manners, Invitations, Guests seating, Role of the Hostess and Host, Responsabilities of the Guest.


Visit to a Parisian outdoor market with coffee and croissants Candlelight Dinner


5 cooking classes
2 pastry classes
4 Art de Vivre classes

History of Dining in the French Manner, How to entertain at home, Interpreting the French Style. Beverages for all occasions. Presentation of 3 tables settings for entertaining, and Floral arrangements.


We believe that coming to France and not enjoying the gastronomic pleasures of our country is just too bad. That's why we've come up with a new idea: offering wine tasting experiences to Paris visitors.

Wine Tasting Experiences are certainly the best way to learn quickly about wine while at the same time enjoying the great pleasure of tasting high quality wines. Wine is not a product like any other. It is to be shared. With friends, or with people you meet for that special occasion. Wine brings people together. It is to be discovered in a confortable and friendly environment.

These private wine tasting are "à la carte" , under request, any day of the week, minimum of 2 persons. The wine tasting are offered in different wonderful parisian restaurants depending on dates. Each class is conducted by a professional oenologist. French breads & cheeses with the classes. each class lasts 2H and are offered usually in the afternoon or late afternoon. Wine tasting can be organized upon request, any day, please email us for prices.


Choose among the following list the tasting you would like to share with us. Our wine tasting experiences are both fun and instructive: discover outstanding French wines and develop your knowledge of the French vineyard. We offer you several packages to choose from:


The "French Wine Discovery" wine tasting experience is a great introduction to French wines.

Theme: Discover the fine art of Tasting Wine. Learn about the technique and practice your skills by tasting five remarkable French wines.

Tasting content: Five various French wines

Plaisirs du Vin (pleasures of wine)

Theme: Discover every region and the very characteristics of their “terroirs”. Learn about the great diversity of the French vineyard.

Tasting content: Taste seven remarkable French wines and learn out to express what you taste.


Theme: With their famous BBC tastings, we will offer you a selection of the most prestigious three wine regions in France: Bordeaux, Bourgogne (aka Burgundy) and Champagne.

Tasting content: Taste six remarkable French wines and learn out to express what you taste

Cheese and Wine

Theme: Learn how to mix the finest cheese with the appropriate wine. Enjoy the pleasure of French gastronomy through two of our country’s specialities.

Tasting content: Taste five great wines in accordance with five different kind of outstanding cheese.


Theme: Champagne is the most famous and most prestigious drink on Earth. How is it made? What makes a Champagne good? How to evaluate the quality of a Champagne? You’ll be provided with many insights about this high-class wine.

Tasting content: Taste five outstanding Champagne and find out their differences and respective attributes.

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